My name is Anthony Howell, I’m a proud father, a lucky husband, and a passionate automator. I’m the guy that will always suggest writing a script to solve the problems of the day and then show you pictures of my cute daughter while we wait for it to finish.

I’ve been working professionally in IT since 2009 when I started as a helpdesk tech at the university I was attending. After being betrayed by calculus, I switched from Computer Science to getting my associates from ITT Tech in Network Systems Administration. This worked great for me because I could take classes online and in the evenings, but still work full time. By the time I graduated, I was already a sysadmin with a focus on PowerShell automation. Looking back, I’ve always been the PowerShell guy at the places I’ve worked. So much so that I decided to venture out on my own as a PowerShell developer.

With that in mind, since I do run an automation consultancy I should mention that I am available for hire, but this blog is absolutely not a teaser nor will it ever be pay-walled. If advertisements do show up, one of two things have happened: my blog has been compromised or I’ve gone to the dark side. I plan on unrestricted sharing of helpful tips, tricks, and scripts that I’ve found or written.

You can reach me through any of the links under the logo in the sidebar, but if you are early to the blog then you might not yet find much in my Github repos.