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Why I’m starting a blog

Alright, to keep myself on track I decided it would be best to have a post to describe my purpose with this blog, which is, believe it or not, more than just to listen to myself type. I’ve started this PowerShell blog to attain two big goals: To contribute and to document.

To Contribute

If you’ve spent any time working in the IT industry, it is likely that one of your best skills is phrasing a problem in just the right way to get the most relevant answers from your favorite search engine. This means that you’ve likely come across countless posts on resolving various issues that you’ve run into. Why do these people freely share information? I’m sure it is different for everyone, but for me its simply because I’ve consumed enough wonderful knowledge that I simply want to give back. I don’t necessarily know all the things, but I can say that I have a particular set of skills that I’ve acquired throughout my career. I won’t find you and I won’t kill you, but I’ll see if I can help shove some knowledge in your brain.

To Document

Its on everyone’s to do list, but really only the diehards seem to get around to ever documenting, unless you are required to by a superior. Or at least that is how it has worked for me. My name is Anthony and I’m a terrible documentor. There, I said it, but today is the day that changes! I plan on documenting and sharing what I’ve found to be useful for me in my career in PowerShell.

Or not…

I think it is also important to address the fact that while I’m typing this out, the only thing on my blog is a test post and soon there will also be this manifesto. Maybe I will crash and burn without ever posting anything of value. I certainly hope not, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve declared something and never gotten around to it. I did once famously say: “I will be able to park my car in this garage.”, yet my garage is still a mess 8 months after moving.


Upcoming: “Learning PowerShell will do for your career what a baby monitor did for my sex life.”

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