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Formatting byte size numbers with PowerShell

6 minute read

For this week, I’m going to share another classic for me, my Format-Bytes function. This is one of those helper functions I’ve got that I scoff at because it...

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Toolmaking in the trenches: Modules

8 minute read

This is the absolute simplest blog post you will ever read on how to build a basic PowerShell module. I won’t be getting into advanced module building, autom...

Toolmaking in the trenches: Functions

11 minute read

This post kicks off a series of blog post that I’ll be doing on how to get started building PowerShell tools in between issue resolution, phone calls, and wh...

Bulding tools makes better scripts

4 minute read

One of the things I discovered with doing a lot of PowerShell is that I ended up with a TON of snippets, notes, and random .ps1 files that could be a script,...

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2 minute read

Why I’m starting a blog

First Post

less than 1 minute read

First Post Hello! And congratulations for reading my very first post. This is really just to test my ability to read documentation. Heck, I could be doing th...

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Because PowerShell

Creating Invoices With PowerShell

7 minute read

One of things that bugs me is when I have to do something outside of PowerShell. It make me sad when I have to physically stand in line at the Post Office, o...

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How I Livestream

7 minute read

I really enjoy livestreaming. And when I got asked if I had a post detailing my setup (thanks Chrissy LeMaire) I realized that something like that would have...

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