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Get-MgUser - Invalid filter clause

1 minute read

I recently started to dig into the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module initially to do some Azure AD stuff, but ultimately to unlock the full potential of the ...

Formatting byte size numbers with PowerShell

6 minute read

For this week, I’m going to share another classic for me, my Format-Bytes function. This is one of those helper functions I’ve got that I scoff at because it...

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Toolmaking in the trenches: Modules

8 minute read

This is the absolute simplest blog post you will ever read on how to build a basic PowerShell module. I won’t be getting into advanced module building, autom...

Toolmaking in the trenches: Functions

11 minute read

This post kicks off a series of blog post that I’ll be doing on how to get started building PowerShell tools in between issue resolution, phone calls, and wh...

Bulding tools makes better scripts

4 minute read

One of the things I discovered with doing a lot of PowerShell is that I ended up with a TON of snippets, notes, and random .ps1 files that could be a script,...

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2 minute read

Why I’m starting a blog

First Post

less than 1 minute read

First Post Hello! And congratulations for reading my very first post. This is really just to test my ability to read documentation. Heck, I could be doing th...

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Because PowerShell

Creating Invoices With PowerShell

7 minute read

One of things that bugs me is when I have to do something outside of PowerShell. It make me sad when I have to physically stand in line at the Post Office, o...

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How I Livestream

7 minute read

I really enjoy livestreaming. And when I got asked if I had a post detailing my setup (thanks Chrissy LeMaire) I realized that something like that would have...

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